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Hell & Gone by Henry Brown

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(Call it men's fiction, action-adventure, military thriller or even a war novel...but Hell and Gone is not about Iraq or Afghanistan.)


When's the last time a book made you want to parachute into a mob of AK47-wielding sociopaths and open a can of whupass?
E-Book cover

When a bloodthirsty jihadist is given a nuclear weapon and a chance to alienate Israel from American support, all hope rides on thirteen expendable SpecOps veterans almost as insane as the suicidal plan they're given to stop him.Mini-Blurb

Hell and Gone is an exciting action and adventure novel, highly recommended. -- Midwest Book Review

Hell and Gone is a tightly plotted, action packed, military adventure that will keep you riveted to the pages. --Susan Coventry, author of The Queen's Daughter

I like military thrillers, and this one kept me glued to the pages. The ending even left the door open for a sequel. If there is one, I'll definitely be picking it up! --MSgt Rich Harris, USAF (retired)

This book grabbed me in from the very start, with characters that compelled and details that informed without burdening the story. The novel is well-paced, eminently believable, and draws you into a climax that does not disappoint. --Vanitha Sankaran, author of Watermark

...I can distinctly picture most of the men as individuals. The book kept me engaged throughout - it's nice to see a thriller that emphasizes teamwork, rather than one macho hero(ine) saving everybody's day. --Sudarshan Bharadwaj, author of Two Worlds

Hell and Gone by Henry Brown is a top-notch military thriller. The author takes great care to create characters that are believable and unique... Great writing creates scenes so well crafted that I felt like I was in a strange land in the middle of the action. ...I am very pleased to recommend this book to anyone that enjoys thrillers.--BookVisions

...Smooth reading, memorable events, and unforgettable characterization... Dwight Cavarra is colorful and gritty.  Highly principled and tough. Bassam Amin is an example of what can happen when a person is treated as a tool designed to self-destruct. Ehud Siyr is mysterious, mythical, larger than life. ...I am awed (by the) command of the technology and its details. The fighting scenes were galloping, but clear, with attention to each player.  Masterful handling. ...An unforgettable read. --Gloria Piper, author of Where the Sky Ends

...When I set out to read Henry Brown's novel Hell and Gone, I approached it sorta like going on a blind date. I know Henry's a veteran, but I also know he was shooting very much for a "pulpy action novel" vibe when he wrote the book, so I wasn't sure how those two competing influences were going to blend, and what they would produce. Well, what they produced was an action novel that hits you like a brick through a plate glass window. Hell and Gone is, in every positive way possible, a literary cousin to Stallone's action opus The Expendables. ...The action is snappy and well-orchestrated, the dialogue is smooth and feels natural, the plot is tightly constructed; simple, but with a few good twists to keep it from being boring. --Post Modern Pulps

...Brown focuses his creative energy on the characters and the action scenes. Each of his characters has a story and Brown gives each one the time to tell it. ...They're distinct individuals with their own sets of skills and shortcomings. They're men, not superheroes. You'll hate Mai for his arrogance and bigotry, but you'll admire Scarred Wolf's ability to execute his bloody job with honor and integrity.

...Brown, a veteran himself, uses his characters to address a range of issues. He explores veteran alienation through several men. We get to see how each dealt with feeling disconnected from friends, family and country once they were “back in the World.”

The battle scenes are meticulously detailed. It wouldn't surprise me if Brown built scale models of the locales in his basement so that he could properly choreograph each step and shot.

...Hell and Gone is a military thriller that delivers the goods on the action, has vivid, realistic characters who interact with great dialogue, and presents some food for thought. If enough people chew on it, maybe the all too plausible scenario presented here will remain fiction, assuming it hasn't happened already. --The New Podler Review of Books

As a fan of military fiction I have to admit that the genre is full of garbage... That's why Hell and Gone was so refreshing with its dirty dozen cast of real characters and real personalities. 

On the surface the plot appears to be standard-issue for the genre--Islamic whack jobs with a suitcase nuke; but characters carry the story and the plot turns out to be anything but what we expect from "techno-thrillers" or "men's adventure." As a former soldier I was also impressed with the author's attention to detail and general accuracy in regards to weapons and tactics.

...The novel had a awesome climax with a number of different parties vying for control over the ultimate prize. Even the ending was cast against type...still I hope to see a sequel sometime in the future. --Jack Murphy, Relexive Fire

There are plenty of thrillers available that deal with threats that concern all of us in this age of terrorism. Some are even semi-realistic. None I have read, however, get down to the grunt-on-the-ground level like this little novel.

...The weaponry details, tactics and mutual support aspects of the story were as well done as I've read in any novel. There are no super men or women in Hell and Gone, just some flawed people going into a supremely dangerous situation with their eyes open. Some are not capable, whether morally, physically or intellectually of performing perfectly, or even of doing the right thing. Sounds like life to me.

I can heartily recommend Henry Brown's Hell and Gone to anyone who wants a timely thriller about imperfect humans thrown together into face to face combat for some reasons right, and some wrong. --Barnes & Noble Online reviewer 427SOHC

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