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Hell & Gone by Henry Brown

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(Call it men's fiction, action-adventure, military thriller or even a war novel...but Hell and Gone is not about Iraq or Afghanistan.)


The weapons used by Rocco's Retreads are not all exotic or obscure, but it's still unlikely you'll see them in an action flick or read about them in another military thriller. I thought it might be interesting to track down some photos and videos, so readers can visualize accurately.



The most obscure weapon of all is this one. It never made it out of the prototype stage in the USA, but foreign manufacturers jumped on the design. These photos are from a version built in Singapore (but you can click on the photo to see a video of an M2 Browning and hear a .50 burst):

Dover Devil

Dual Feed Notice that the Devil can be fed from either side--a HUGE potential reduction in reloading time. As mentioned in the book, the headspace and timing are fixed, also, reducing the amount of special tools and training required for gunners.

Galil Assault Rifle

This is the assault weapon of choice for Rocco's Retreads, due mainly to the reliability of the rifle and the light weight of the .223/5.56 NATO round some are chambered for (although some Galil MBRs are chambered for .308/7.62 NATO). Click on the photo to watch a Galil on full-auto:

Galil Rifle


M203 Grenade Launcher

In my opinion the most underrated infantry weapon in the US Armed Forces, the M203 fires a 40mm shell, is capable of direct and indirect fire, and is normally mounted under the barrel of an M16 rifle or M4 carbine. Click on the photo to watch an M203 wreak havoc:


M21 Sniper Rifle

This is, basically, a Springfield M1A ("civilian" M14--semiauto only) with a match grade barrel and a scope. Depending on the unit they were attached to, military snipers have used these rifles for half a century. Not as powerful as a .50 caliber rifle or as precision-tuned as some of the bolt actions, it is still very accurate to 1,000 meters, with an excelent rate of fire and 20-round magazines. Sometimes a 2-man sniper team would be armed with one bolt action and one M21 for the spotter. In one documented account of an engagement in Vietnam, the spotter scored more kills with his M21 than the sniper did, and discouraged the enemy unit from trying to overrun their position. Click the pic of the 25th Infantry soldier to see a marine popping some caps with this weapon.

Sniper with M21


LAW=Light Antitank Weapon. The grandson of the bazooka, issued with a preloaded 66mm rocket. As the name suggests, it is not a heavy-hitter like the the warheads in TOW missiles and other antiarmor rockets. It would barely scratch the paint on an Abrams or T-72. But the projectile has a shaped charge (like the RPG) which can bring smoke on most vehicles. Click on this photo of a LAW fully extended (armed/ready to fire) to watch a video:



Ruger Blackhawk

This is James "Mugabe" Harris' sidearm of choice, and he puts it to good use when his cover is blown. Chambered for both .357 and .44.

Ruger Blackhawk

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